Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Of fact and fantasy

Classes are cool, though spending 7 hours in awesome!lab last evening was slightly suboptimal. I seem to be taking all the HASSy course 6 classes this term... I guess that makes up for not taking any HASSes. Sussman's crazy scheme class is interesting: among other things, my 6.004 TA from last term is in it (as a student), and a reading we had for the class cited Jake Beal (our zampolit, also notable for using Guild Games to study distributed computing, among other things).

Boskone this weekend! Look for Patti in the Art Show!

In unrelated news, Foley just signed on to the Weird GM team. I think things are looking up for the 10-day, and I'm actually pretty excited about it. My best bet right now is next IAP. Makes me long for the days of 7 10-days a year, though... we've been only slightly beating 1 a year. I guess things were just that much more hardcore, back in the day.

I'm sorta starting to believe that we should try doing Boreala remotely over the summer, or something. I'm sorta semiseriously thinking of making a webapp (with turbogears!) that would keep people's character sheets and integrate them into a chatroom or something, mainly because it would be cool to build, not because it would solve any problems. Though, I have no idea how pingable S4m will be in Japan, and I wouldn't want to do any serious plot without Skikka.

I should come up with a cooler, more plot-related name for the campaign than Boreala... For some reason Molten Shards appeals to me right now, but that might be a sign I need more sleep.
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