Xavid (kihou) wrote,

So, just the other day, I noticed that Google Maps had the ability to search for places in Japan, and I had fun looking at satellite pictures of all my old haunts. I thought it would be cool to post a map of my commute on LJ, but the various mash-ups I found either choked on Unicode or had other annoying problems, so I didn't. Today I noticed that Google just released a My Maps feature, which actually works, so, yeah, a map of my commute. (I really wanted a sort of zooming animated commute, but I'm not holding my breath for that. I could do it with a bookmarklet, but that gets complicado.)

Hmm... life... Spring break was last week; I flew home to see my family, watch Zan's awesome New Stages play, and see friends and such. Then I came back to spend the rest of break in lab. Well, at least until my family drove up, and we went to a Girlyman concert which was fun (Northampton has cool shops, btw), and I got to see Caitlin. It was fun, and I actually managed to somehow avoid spending all my time in lab.

This weekend is surprisingly Japan-themed: Yojimbo with LSC Friday and Tetsu no Bōfū with the Guild. Should be fun.
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