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RATENgo de ja nai

I just finished updating my DeadJournal in Latin (xavus), which was far too time consuming and dictionary-intensive for me to try to repeat it in English here. If your or my Latin hasn't been too hot lately, look at zinnia_zeroth's LJ—she did the same stuff as me today, pretty much. Except for the braces part.

A Paraphrase of a Conversation from Nyara's PoV: (Yay Tounges!)
Skika: "Wait, why don't you build cities near lakes of poison?"
Nyara: "It's dangerous. Not as dangerous as lava, but it's good to be safe."
Skika: "Don't you need to drink poison like humans do?"
Nyara: "Um, no... It's a little fatal..."
(Nyara has a lot to learn about humans. And rain.)

P.S. I like the (Latin) word "ALLUCINATOR". I was going to say this on DJ, but forgot, so there. Xavus Allucinator... *drifts off*
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