Xavid (kihou) wrote,

I just finished reading A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer. I'd had it for a while, but unfortunately didn't manage to work much reading in this term. It was really awesome, though. It did a great job of acting like a reverse-feminist (virist?) book that could have been written in a female-dominated society to say, hey, guys can do things too. For those not in the know, it's about a society where women vastly outnumber men, and men get treated like property and married off for economic reasons by their sisters. It's not even technically fantasy, but it feels that way due to the premodern tech level, politics, and lockpicks & disguises action. It's also probably the novel I've read that spends the most time talking about STDs. It's a good read, with the added bonus of being able to see how many gender-role assumptions you make* and to be amused by the polygamy**.

On a related note, are there children's fairy tales with reversed gender roles? Not the standard "I'm an awesome girl rebelling against a male-dominated society", but "a wicked warlock locks a handsome young man*** in a tower and Princess Charming comes to rescue him", with those roles not shown as unusual for the story's world. I assume it's been done, but I can't recall seeing it.

P.S. Anyone who likes writing politics want to help me write a LARP with a legitimate reason to crosscast a bunch of the guys?

*: For example, it took me a while to not imagine random NPC soldiers as male.
**: Oh, no, both sisters fell in love with him, this is going to get messy. Oh wait, never mind.
***: I don't think there's a male equivalent of 'maiden' that really works?
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