Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Guavaroni and Cheese

This evening:
"I'll actually man up to cooking for once. Mac and Cheese it is!"
*starts boiling noodles*
"Wait, this milk's bad. And I don't have any butter. Well, you can substitute apple sauce for butter, right..."
*substitutes Goya Guava Nectar for milk because it seems more milklike than limeade*
*forgets he only made a half-box of noodles and adds too much liquid*
*puts in some muenster cheese for good measure*

It's actually surprisingly good, if bizzare. Orange juice is definately more milklike than guava nectar. It actually ended up tasting sorta bland, so I put some of my Japanse 七味/shichimi/(specific) seven spice mixture on it. That is all.
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