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Why does JavaScript have to make things like "if (foo == baz.someMemberThatDoesNotExist) doSomething();" not be errors? Is there some Firefox extension that changes that behavior? Because that would've saved me a lot of time today. Javascript: the language where typos fail silently.

My life recently:

Wednesday: All hands cruise in Boston Harbor on a nifty 3-sail ship. Awesome weather, nifty views, good food, a less-bad sunburn than some of my co-workers.

Saturday: Went to Middlesex Fells, a conservation area around some reservoirs near Oak Grove on the Orange Line. Found it from a nice page on T-accessible hiking that would be improved if its directions didn't conveniently omit road names and just say "the first uphill road on your right". Also, if they pointed out that, yes, they really did mean walk up that unmarked trail next to someone's driveway. We figured it out with help from some dude who helped some girls who must have been following the same directions the week before. The trails were cool; nice views, though the area was A. very suburban and B. very obviously a popular drinking spot. After much mapless and confused-by-the-existence-of-multiple-trails-with-the-same-blazes, we found the Visitor Center, bought a map, and promptly went home. (Though we did stop by Haymarket to get a closeout watermelon.)

Sunday: Possibly the awesomest one-shot tabletop ever, with Hughes, Steph, Eli, and a guy named Sean. We played Spirit of the Century (SRD), a game using the FATE system, for 7 hours straight. It seems to address what I was looking for in my recent tabletop rant, and also some stuff I thought of since then. The aspects add a nifty character-specific nature to checks that ended up feeling like an unholy mixture of Burning Wheel beliefs and Exalted stunts. Turns out Disregard For Safety is really the answer to all of life's problems.
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