Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Yeah, so how about that updating thing?

Pennsic and Confluence were nifty. Not knowing Alphans made things a lot different, but I enjoy cons, and Ade was there. Pennsic was fun, though I didn't get quite as into it as Patty did. Mainly rapier and hanging out and window shopping; there weren't many classes that grabbed me this year, and there are never that many relevant things to buy. I sorta feel like doing my own research into things sometimes, but I never have the time for it. Also submitted a (European-style) device and resubmitted my name. In both cases, though, it's really the people.*

I saw Stardust recently, coincidentally on the same day as my family. I quite enjoyed it, maybe not quite as much as Mirrormask, but a lot. Some friends of mine claimed it was too much of a chick flick, but as I've proven to like far more chick-flicky movies**, this was not an issue. Also, the mouse was really cute.***

I just recently noticed that the whole Krikkiters-never-look-up thing breaks down when you think about weather, and them having birds. I know no one ever looks up in real life, but weather and birds would prevent you from not looking up when something falls from the sky.

Rush happened. I did the usual, and it went unusually smoothly, despite an unusual number of groups of obnoxious people. I sorta wanted to do a DOOMCom rush activity, but between work and DOOMapathy, I didn't. Midway Friday, which I am actually putting a minimal amount of effort into.


*: If I was going to make a new set of pillars, it might include "people make places", but it's not sufficiently philosophically strong for me any more, and also I don't have 2 other pillars to go with it.
**: 耳をすませば/Whisper of the Heart.
***: Zan thinks that this opinion is typical of me.

EDIT: s/arms/device/g
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