Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Shoes and Grues

Incidentally, I got kicked out of Sebasitans, the new restaurant up near 68, the other day for not wearing shoes. Stores need to man up to not pointlessly discriminating? It's too bad, because I haven't had a good crepe in a while, but apparently the other new good food place in Kendall (Cosi*) is better, and I haven't had any trouble there. Also, they have better hours. But no crepes.

There's also this Zork-kankei YouTube video I sorta feel like linking, even though I like the concept better than the execution. It does have its bits, but the chorus rhymes "grue" with "cruel" and the other lyrics are mixed. It does have a greenscreen Apple ][, though, which buys it a lot.

*: Also on the expensive side, but has actively delicious food and awesome bread. A little slow, but nice once in a while.
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