Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Dream Mechanics

Sometimes I have dreams with interesting media. For example, I just had a dream that was a Young Wizards/Diane Duane book. Most of the dream was just visualizing the events like a normal dream, but at one point the plot hinged on the word "lunver", which apparently meant going suddenly from very bright to very dark, or vice versa. When I got to that point, I remember being uncertain exactly what the word was, so I went back half a sentence, re-read it carefully, noting the spelling, and then continued with the dream.

I think it went something like this. We were in a fight with an aspect of the Lone Power, except it developed that this aspect wasn't really evil, just increased entropy out of peer pressure from the other aspects, and didn't want to fight. So, we took him to hide in a nice 2-story house that may have been in Cape Cod while the council of cats decided what to do about this. We had with us this tiny adorable kitten. At one point, this black cat came to us and told us to release the aspect from prison. We argued that he wanted to be here, also that it wasn't a prison, it was a nice house with windows, but he wasn't convinced. He was going into some elaborate metaphor as to why a really nice place could still be a prison when he used the word "lunver". ("There have been those imprisoned even under the open skies of [place] where every night the stars and galaxies brilliantly lunver...", more or less.) Because he used this unusual word, I recognized him as not being a cat, but being a race of aliens that look like black cats and also happen to live in [place] and thus need a word for lunvering. This made me more suspicious of him, so I greeted him formally, calling him the brother of [other alien], a member of his race I was friends with. This caused him to break down emotionally, and he asked if it was true that [other alien] and an Earth cat had had an illegitimate kitten (which was true, it was our cute little fuzzball). Apparently his race took this very seriously, and to him it felt like an emotional betrayal by [other alien]. I think that's about when I woke up.
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