Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Places of Dining

I've nightshifted myself back to diurnal with final projects, and so I've had times when I've gotten hungry at a sane hour in the general area of W20. I've been eating at Fresco's, the place under the Rage by the train tracks, and it's surprisingly good. It's cheaper even than Anna's, and the food's not that much worse that Whitehead (and better than Cambridge Grill IMO). American food and gyros and such. I've become quite fond of it.

Conversely, I have become even less fond of Sebasian's. I have no idea if their food is any good because when I tried to eat there they kicked me out, but apparently they use ad trucks, one of the most obnoxious forms of advertising. I think they end up above obnoxious pamphleteers on the street* and below putting stickers on buildings you don't own as forms of advertising that give me strong negative impressions of organizations.

*: Quiet pamphleteers that let you ignore them aren't so bad. People who pass out candy (or kleenex or fans) actually give me positive impressions, which is why I'm surprisingly positive about the CCC here despite their use of the word "crusade".

P.S. LJ's spellchecker needs to man up to punctuation. That is all.
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