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Behold! I am now the one true Xavid! Except I might not actually be, as I don't get the paperwork until next week, so I have actually no proof. It was basically go in, no one's filed an objection, fill out this form, we'll mail it to you in 5-7 days. A bit anticlimactic, but still nifty. Driving in the rain has both advantages and disadvantages relative to walking in the rain. Biking in the rain is probably not quite up there for us gaijin.

On a... depressing? angsty? symbolic? note, I think lost a friend today. More like this past week, actually. I'm not giving who, but it's someone few of you know well and only a couple of you might recognize from this. I'm hoping it'll pass like an Amelian storm, but only time will tell.

Quick shape in the rain,
Out with lightning then flies off;
Scared and scaring both.

I was angry at first (for the first time in quite a while), but then I played Sigfried. He always comforts me. Now it's the same—a glimpse one can remember but not hold.

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