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I've been having a pretty good time lately. Keeping busy, what with this 10-day that's been eating my life (you Boston-area people should all app!) and OCTOblitzing* and a mechanics test that went about 4 times as slow as I'd hoped and revealed a variety of creative bugs (thanks to my players for being patient, and nethack for enabling some of that patience ^_^). Edited highlights of Christmas presents: the awesomest gift card ever (programmable LEDs FTW), Ticket to Ride (which Mom is obsessed with) and the most pianoful regift ever, a Japanese hanging scroll:

from my cousin Kevin.

Game goals well. We're up to about 10 more slots, and it seems like we're going to fill, though not as smashingly as Centauri did, apparently. I've got a lot of work to do on the interface, both to eradicate those internal server errors on scripts and to implement all the fun "hmm, we've got a mechanic, let's put it on the interface!" functionality. I'm glad Foley took on Minesweeper, because it seems ornately complex. Everything except Power Struggle is just a simple matter of programming. I'm still divided on whether to revamp Power Struggle according to new, simpler ideas or if it's late enough that I should just freeze the spec. I'll probably mostly go with the latter, but I'm not terribly happy with the mechanic. It's of course now that I'm full of ideas for mechanics I'd rather be writing than the ones I am writing but don't fit into game (for example, Ticket to Ride where the map is campus and building routes opens up passages between buildings, and the train cars are RTIs...)

I'm probably going to get a Wii** in about a month and start doing this whole DDR*** thing again, because I'm really a lot more likely to do that regularly than weight lifting, and it's less schedule-bound than fencing. (Though I do want to try doing this fencing thing again, possibly when game's over.)

*: that would be working at Metacarta fulltime for a week
**: unless I can't find one, in which case I'll get a cheap PS2
***: the DDR is not really connected to it being a Wii, which rather derives from Brawl; not also needing a PS2 to DDR is just marginal utility

P.S. I've been told that I'm the closest person to 5E that had red cups. So bizzare…
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