Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Durante de hacer mi tarea de Español

Whenever the idea of washing hands before eating comes up, it always reminds me of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure", Bobby and Bonnie, Zan and I used to do with Dad. It was effectively a rulesless tabletop with Dad as the narrator. Anyways, our mother in the game always made us wash our hands before eating, even though neither Dad nor Mom made a point of it in real life. We got trained to wash our hands only in the game.

Hmm, that game had some great stuff in it. I was just reminded of my Spell Checker, a black checker you could cast a spell into (spells were Enchanted Forest Chronicles-style rhymes) to see what it would do and how well. And, of course, there's a very useful (to certain people) magic item in Boreala that comes from Bobby and Bonnie.

Actually, it sorta reminds me of Minus. I guess omnipotence doesn't get boring if you're a kid? I do like the idea of a pantheon with a "most powerful" god that's a Minus-like kid and thus doesn't participate properly in the struggles of the other gods, though I'm sure things like that have been done before.

P.S. I hadn't seen this other comic by the Minus girl* before, but I'm a sucker for things that're very Japan, and I also like the handling of invisibility/ghostishness: Socks.

*: Yes, he's actually a guy, though I didn't know that 'til I checked. I'm tempted to start using girl gender-neutrally for the power of awesome and to confuse feminists, but I'm not sure I'm girl enough. Or something like that.
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