Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Two! Two Programming Languages that start with P! And nifty red uniforms.

This is just because this meme's written in Python, and I have to do my part to promote programming languages named after elements of the niftyness.

I am a member of 4 cliques of size 7

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Who would guess that all my groups of friends are Alphans? ^_^

Today was marked by SCA, by my getting the haername bot working on Athena instead of just Gigo (which would allow it more or less continuous onlineness, theoretically), and by getting a haircut and almost losing [baka Nausiscaä for not having spellcheck; (I can't spell)] my glasses again.

I could write more, about buying a sword and hakama being nifty and talking to Chisato and how Gigo's in 2nd sylable mode after some of the random stuff I've been doing, but then again I could work on my Shadowrun character. Or sleep.
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