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In Which There Are Chaotic Parentheses

(Yay Patricia C. Wrede/Diana Wynne Jonesishness!)

My Best Friend is kaneta
Our 25 common interests are: alpha, alpha workshop, anime, books, computers, diane turnshek, dragons, fantasy, green, hayao miyazaki, japan, magic: the gathering, medieval, mercedes lackey, music, mythology, obscure music, pittsburgh, randomness, reading, sleep deprivation, terry pratchett, tolkien, wen spencer, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Not what I guessed, but it makes sense. I got a few of those from Gen, but I didn't know she played Magic! Next time we're on the same side of the pond I'll be sure to bring a deck or two. (I did this this morning; I bet if I did it again, I'd get S*am [who I'm going to start calling S4m to resist the temptation to drive him to assassinate me], who assimilated my cultural distinctiveness into his own [sorry, Dan].)

Today was occupied much by packing and backing things up. Among other things, I managed to nuke a CD-RW in a rather convoluted way. On a more positive note, had a fun conversation with Emily (*tries to think of an epithet* not Cirabel, although for the first 10 minutes I hadn't read the last name and thought Cirabel'd been leaving a lot of interesting stuff out of her LJ—I know too many Em* type people, most of whom [including this one] are from Alpha) of the Backyard. She'll be about two hours away next year, so we might be able to get together sometime, critique each other's stories, not eat ice cream in honor of Tammy...

Oh, so I leave for LA tomorrow. Too bad all the nifty people live closer to San Francisco... (if any of you actually live near by, it's not that you're unnifty, it's just me being oblivious with reference to residential location. Gonk me.) Only the gods (and the fates, and probably Tiresius [sp] [whom I almost called Thesius], seer of Thebes) know if I'll be able to update until I get back.

I might make an actual web page and suchness sometime, perhaps to put some of my random writingnessnesses on. Technically, I have a web page, but all it has right now is the Haernamë quotes page... (S4m, b3f0r3 y0u 45k, 1 d0n'7 h4v3 cg1 p3rm15510n5 y37, 50 n0 pl4n35w4lk3r5' 534rch t00l5 f0r n0w.) [<– Disclaimer: this is actually boring if you're not S4m, so it's not my fault if you turn into a cactus after reading it.]
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