Xavid (kihou) wrote,

I just had a mega crazy but simultaneously very realistic dream. It started out walking down the Infinite Corridor with Patty; we split up by Cafe 4, her going into the basement and me continuing. A few rooms later (still in the fishmongering Infinite Corridor) these two guys blocked the hallway and made it clear that the expected me to give them money in order to pass. I refused, they attacked me, I went all Ju-Jitsu on them and called for Patty, she came out of the 8-south staircase an managed to restrain one of the guys, and I eventually managed to restrain the other. Sometime during the fight, I think someone yelled at us to be quiet, and I was all like "I'm in the middle of getting mugged!" (apparently, up until that point people had been walking past without noticing the fight...?), and then a big crowd assembled (but was absolutely no help whatsoever). I yelled for someone to call the CPs, someone seemed to do so, and then we waited there for what seemed like hours, with this big useless mob around us. At one point, the guy I was holding broke free and ran off (the mob failed to stop him), I ran after him, caught him in Lobby 10, and rejoined the mob. (For some reason, a Building 13 (but looking very Main Groupy) was in between Building 8 and Lobby 10). Eventually, I think the mob started getting cold (I guess the south 8 door must have been open?), so we all went into the basement. I was all like, who called the CPs before, we should tell them we moved, but at that point the guy Patty was holding broke free and started running towards Building 6. This time, the entire mob of useless people ran off after him, and we promptly never saw any of them again. I was like, we should probably get this guy's ID so we can identify him even if he escapes, then I gave the guy to Patty so I could call the CPs. I did an excellent job of actually remembering how to call the CPs (3-1212, which translates to 253-1212) in the dream, such that when I woke up I was all like "is that actually their number?" and had to check. I had this odd conversation with a CP person who kept asking me questions about where I was, even though I told her the nearest room number. Apparently the hallway through Building 6 was called Bemis in my dream, at least according to her. Then the dream started breaking down, and I was briefly outside by Building 12 before I ended up in some sort of rafters area in 6-3 or 6-4 with lots of steel I-beams, physically with the woman and continuing our phone conversation. When we finished, I was like "Wait... shouldn't I be down with Patty and the mugger?" Then I started worrying that it would be our word against the mugger's, since all the witnesses had vanished. I might have woken up just as the CPs arrived, or they might never have come, I'm not sure.

Hmm... I feel like I had another dream where either I was roleplaying bringing two people from Ancient Japan to somewhere vaguely Europe, or I was actually bringing two people from Ancient Japan through a portal in (the actual) Building 13 to MIT. One guy was the other's uncle, and they did look like anime-style Genji-era Japanese people. Moreover, I spent the whole time talking to them in my crazy sort of Japanese/Spanish/English pidgin that I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to understand in real life. We ended up in Lobby 7 where there was some sort of hack on the second floor overlook that was basically a huge pile of pizza boxes. I remember trying to find a way to explain hacking culture in Spanish or Japanese, and eventually giving up and doing it in English. I think I was just with the nephew then, the uncle having wandered off. It mostly felt like a LARP, to the extent that I basically thought "all these normal MIT students probably think I'm really weird", but I feel like there were a ton of Ancient Japanese-looking people back around Building 13 (as if Building 13 were in Ancient Japan), so whatever. Maybe that Building 13 got Tinker-shifted to Ancient Japan, and that's why my other dream got a new one where Building 4 is.

I feel like there's a possibility that I ran into Patty in Lobby 7 and started walking down the Infinite with her, thus connecting my two dreams, but I might be making that up. Regardless, no Ancient Japanese people in my first dream.

EDIT: Also, at one point somewhere (possibly in Lobby 7) the ghost of the 91 and a Half Centimeter Stick (which recently rebroke in a non-usefully-fixable-by-ducttape way) invaded my dream. I think it went something like, random person asked me, "Why are you holding a meter stick?" and I responded "I'm not!", but then I looked, and I was holding one up somehow without having noticed it. Then I looked around, and everyone around me had yardsticks that all said "Shaker Heights High School" in black sharpie on the back. I was all "Why do all these yardsticks say Shaker Heights High School on them?" and no one knew. Ominous!
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