Xavid (kihou) wrote,

When I was in the toy store today*, they were playing "The Babysitter's Here", by Dar. It seemed really weird to me, since the other music was kids' songs, and my initial reaction was that TBH is totally not a song for kids. But then again, I guess it probably works well. If I'd grown up with it, it would probably be one of these "Mr. Tambourine Man is about drugs"** moments, since I'd not notice what was actually going on until way older than I needed to "get" it.

*: Getting a plastic fly for my Beelzebub costume for Apocalypse.
**: This is not really the example I wanted, but I can't remember the details of any better examples. There have been several words in the past few years that I had always treated as axioms but actually had very logical derivations.
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