Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Got home without combusting into a ball of fire. Amtrak is more comfortable than flying (outlets, legroom, and no waiting through security for the win), but much slower, especially when they break down every other leg. Not as cool as in Japan.

Pennsic was fun; did some fencing, learned more stuff re: persona, got a useful book on mon, hung out a bunch. i Sebastiani and Forbidden Pennsic were both fun. Got to try out my new fighting underkimono. Spent a little time with Carolingia this year. Politics are unequal to the square root of three. Surprisingly, I lost weight.

Apparently now I need to make a kesa. I could make it from real patchwork, but by necessity it wouldn't look nearly as nifty as Dad's awesome fish.

Aside from spending large amounts of time on home-kankei no koto, things have been pretty good since I've gotten back. I might hike down to that Harvard Japanese library thing to look at mon sources this weekend, but then again I might not.

EDIT: Apparently, my SCA name (希鴎) managed to find its way into some binary file related to the Linux kernel. Or so Google Kibo tells me.
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