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In Which There Is a Small Amount of Junkishness

I've been really bad about updating, as my pneumonianessness has left me both being boring and sleeping instead of staying up all night updating LJ. (And I have been drinking lots of fluids, you 2 momish types!) Not much has been happening... resting and packing and critiquing and fixing Titania...

I'm almost done with Hakama! Trust me to spend my recovery/packing time sewing... but I wanted to get them done for Confluence. (Shaker people, are any of you [probably meaning Addy/Nicole] coming to Confluence? If so, we should be sure to meet up. Maybe I'll be able to talk Tammy [Tamora Pierce] into doing "Lack-of-Ice-Cream with Tamora Pierce" or something ^_^. [She's lactose intolerant])

Oh, if anyone's *nudge*S4m*nudge* been pinging the Haernamë bot (haername on AIM), I can't launch it continually from off-campus, so it'll only be on when I'm working on it or if you IM me.

I'm vaguely caught up with email/LJ, but am still periodically working on them. Alpha tomorrow! I'm supermegaexcited! (Ignore the man behind the curtain who notes that this is an edit and I almost posted this without explicitly mentioning Alpha at all. I really am still sick.)

Well, off to the wild violet-not-lavender yonder,
Xavid (and definitely not his evil half-twin Dobbīdé)
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